Colour Palette


I truly admire artists who are so skilled at restraining their colour palette to just a few colours. I am always on the lookout for random colour combinations; sometimes it might be a group of toys left clustered under our brown table and yellow chairs or it might be a combination of dishes grouped together in the drainer or clothes drying on the line. I take mental and physical notes of these things and try out these mixes in my colour roughs. My problem is that extra colours always seem to creep in and I have a tendency to always want to include my favourites. It is something I am at least aware of and trying to work on. I read somewhere once from an artist that when you are thinking to add more colours to a painting that it is often better to remove one. I will try to keep this in mind. Alas at present my upcoming exhibition in August is going to be very colourful I think. That can't be all bad though!