Well, it's been a long break from the blog once again. Never intentional but perhaps a natural hibernation of sorts. I know this often happens for lots of bloggers; for others it often happens that they are busy doing so many new things they just can't fit it in anymore but for me, i really can't tell you where the time has gone or exactly what i have done with it.

I will start with the excuse that we went back to Japan for two weeks in Winter. I did gather a few snaps on my phone while we were away that I had intended to post here but it all seems distant now and a bit irrelevant. I have really just had little to say for a while and what i did feel like sharing seemed to fit comfortably into a one sentence, one poor photo post on my facebook page. Whole paragraphs felt impossible and the time to download a real photo from a real camera is just time I didn't want to spend in that way. Realising how difficult it is to maintain a blog makes me appreciate even more the wonderful blogs I follow who post almost daily and always with original images.

As I have probably reiterated many times in this space, I am not a photographer. Memories of university photography assignments still fill me with negative emotion and while I love looking at good photos, taking them is entirely another issue. But in the last week, I have acquired a new camera and I have had fun snapping away at anything and everything. Hence the photo of the Camper shoe party above. Sometimes it is good to force yourself to work with different tools to see things in new ways. Looking at all our shoes lined up by the front door (since we follow the Japanese tradition of wearing no shoes in the house) I got to thinking how you can probably learn a lot about someone just by looking at their shoes; how many, what kind, old or new, high or low, expensive or cheap? Wonder what my shoes say about me? It seems it might be a future theme for me to think about....