Green Tea and Green Snakes!

Winter will officially be declared here next week when we turn the calendar to June but already the kettle in our house is being boiled more frequently and I find my day being divided by cups of green tea as the cool air has already swished its way into the house. While my morning always starts with coffee, the rest of my day is nicely segmented by the cups of tea I have been consuming; morning tea, a cup with lunch, afternoon tea after picking up my eldest poppet from kindy and then the cup at the end of the day when the little ones are finally settled in their beds fast asleep. It is such a lovely ritual, i can barely remember how I survived cold weather before I drank tea!

I have been busy working away in the evenings but not on my creative pursuits so I dont have anything new to reveal here just yet. Instead I will share my latest purchase from etsy: our lovely new door snake! We have a very draughty door in our new office space which just had to be stopped. The no-longer-used baby wraps were doing a good job rolled up on the floor but werent particularly a good look so  of course I headed to etsy to see what I could find.

And here it it! a lovely green and white stripe door snake made by Christine at Ogsplosh. Christine has such a good range of colours and patterns it was difficult to choose just one but I finally chose this one which is probably my most favourite shade of green! It is doing the job nicely and looks so much better than my previous solution! I know it is hardly cold here compared with northern hemisphere standards but I still seem to feel it and am preparing to get through the next few months. Lucky for us we will be spending two weeks of our Winter in Japan's Summer! It has been over 3 years now since I have been back to Japan and I am so excited about all the things we are going to do there and of course all the good food we will get to eat too

Well my last cup of tea for the day is finished and now ittime to catch some sleep......

Photograph used with permission from Christime at Ogsplosh