Catching Up

The wind blew in from the front of the house and out the open back door. And there I stood in the empty shell - no longer my home anymore. We had moved our things out already but I was doing the final clean before handing the keys over. We had lots of happy memories in that house. It is where our daughter turned one and took her first steps; where we planted carrot seeds in the vegetable patch and watched them grow and finally pick them. Almost two years we lived there and yet in the end when it is all empty and clean, it is so easy to walk away without sentiment.

So the last month has been busy and exhausting in many ways. They always say moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do and I have to kind of agree. There is always a few hassles along the way and one of the most challenging was living without internet for 3 weeks while we sorted out and eventually changed providers. I had lost my constant in life and access to all my daily blogs I read. Since I rarely watch the news on tv, I was also a bit lost as to what was happening in the world and even what the weather was supposed to be.

But now things are slowly getting back to normal and we are getting organized again. The day after we moved, I did manage to make it to the Whitmore Square Arts Fair and I am so glad I did. It was a perfect day with lots of enthusiastic customers. I barely had time to stop all day so I just took a couple of very quick snaps on my phone when I had a chance. The thing I was most pleased about was being able to sell several prints and cards as well as jewellery which is usually the most popular thing. I need to look ahead now to see what the next event will be!