Bright Future

I have finally just uploaded my most recent black and white print to my Etsy shop.
This one is called, 'Bright Future'. The idea behind this drawing was born from looking into our daughter's eyes. Children and babies have such bright, sparkly eyes and when our daughter smiles, her little eyes light up and her eyes shine; I see a bright future for her. So I wanted to create an image that represented life, growth and many different flowers to show that she is unique and everyone is different and unique and she will grow in her own special way. I also think the image is a reminder to think positive and happy thoughts for our future. We are faced with many challenges in life but it isimportant to be able to visualize a bright future.
...And I just have to add that the poppy in the photo is proudly one from our little garden that we grew from seed! Poppies are my favourite flowers and I just love to see what colours they are when they open up!