Where o where have I been?

The answer to that question is: right here! Yes, I have still been right here at my desks most nights but not terribly productive recently. So, I started a new project a few weeks back to motivate me to make sure at least one new creation happens a week. The idea behind this project is simply to sit down, listen to music, get out my paper, scissors and glue, and see what evolves. We have lots of CDs we just haven't listened to in ages because of time restraints and ease of using you tube to find new material. But it is nice to visit the old music as it brings back so many memories of different times in my life.
When I was in my last year of highschool - many many years ago - one of my major art projects was a piece called "frozen music" No doubt it was probably my teacher's idea or at least influenced by her but I came up with lots of designs inspired by music I listened to. The major piece was made into a huge, fabric, wall mural and I am sure I still have a photo of it somewhere that I should dig up.
So my new project is based on this same idea. Listening to music and seeing what colours, shapes and patterns come to my mind. The idea is that the piece should be started and finished on Monday nights but of course so far Monday has been extending to Tuesday and Wednesday. I have snapped a few shots with my phone along the way which I will post here. Hopefully I will have the finished collages ready to show soon.