Yesterday was one of those Sundays that started out sunny and full of ideas about where to go and how to spend the day. As the day progressed, however, grey clouds gathered and it looked more and more like the perfect day to stay at home. It felt like a 'proper' Sunday - like the Sundays I used to have as a child often just spending time at home with family making our own fun.

I could have done a thousand things with the time I had yesterday. I even snuck off at one point to attempt an afternoon nap hoping noone would miss me. The poppets always inevitably find me however and they are rarely interested in afternoon naps nowadays since Miss Muffet turned 2 and thinks she no longer needs them.

And then I had the idea to make pikelets! Something I love to eat and the perfect afternoon tea for a rainy day and the perfect afternoon activity for Master T my little helper.