The Last 40 Minutes!

A mother's day is indeed full. We have 2 children, so if I have had a tough day I always think about mums who have 3, 4, 5 children or more. My youngest Missy Muffet who has just turned 2 is always easy to put to bed. 2 stories, 3 lullabys, goodnight Missy Muffet and close the door.

Master T on the other hand has always taken, shall we say, a little bit longer to settle. He will be 4 in September and has recently been going through an, "I like Papa, I don't like Mamma" phase. So the nights that I need to put him to bed can be quite difficult.

This has been the last 40 minutes for me:

"I don't want Mamma to read my stories, I want Pappa" x 10
Ok T, I will just go to sleep next to you"
"I want Papa to sleep" x 10

So, I distract him by talking about his day, talking about what he will do tomorrow. Play the candle tickle game where I hold up my fingers like candles, he blows them out and then I tickle him. He notices that I am wearing jeans and not pjs. He say, "But Mama, you need to put your night time clothes on" So I put my pjs on. We talk some more. I had a haircut today. Master T says, "But Mama, your hair is not beautiful. The lady needs to cut some more." I must teach him tact, I think to myself.

So he goes quiet, we say goodnight. And then, "But Mama, we haven't read a story yet!" Mama sighs internally and says, "Okay, what story would you like?" He replies, "Mr McGee and the Big Bag of Bread" So we get the book and I open to the first page and he says, "I'm sorry Mama but we need to read 'Mr McGee and the Biting Flea" So we change books, read the story and say goodnight -again. And then, "But Mama, I need a drink of water" Of course he does after all his talking. So he goes to get a drink, comes back to his bed and we say goodnight. It is quiet and then, "Mama". "Yes" I reply. "I like you". My heart melts. "I like you too, T" I reply, and add, "goodnight T, sweet dreams, I love you." " I love you Mama" he says. And then silence. And then, "Mama, your hair is not beautiful!" And then he is asleep. At last.

And now time for Mama to do some work while the poppets recharge for another day!