A 'Bazaar' Mother's Day Gift

I don't think shops understand what mums really want for Mother's Day. While the slippers, flannel pjs, anti-ageing creams and perfumes are all lovely, the best gift I received this year was a few hours to myself to visit Adelaide's Bowerbird Bazaar on Saturday morning. I have been anticipating this design market for some time since I missed the last one and it is currently only a bi-annual event. It is held at our Queens Theatre here which is apparently the oldest standing theatre on mainland Australia (this I learned reading the sign outside as I arrived 10 minutes before the door opened) It is no longer used as a theatre but is the perfect location for this kind of event; outdoor markets are great but it leaves the stall holders praying for fine weather to make sales!

I was so excited when I got inside that I hardly knew where to start. When you are with your kids pretty much 24/7 365 days a year, it feels very strange to suddenly not have to worry where they are or what items they are touching. I was really impressed with the quality of the products and had a lovely time chatting to some of the designers and creators about their products and experiences. It was both inspiring and a bit overwhelming but really good to see so much local talent and beautiful things made here in Australia. So many of the products we buy here in oz are made abroad so it was wonderful to see products with "designed and made in Australia" on them.

I had to have some cute t-shirts from the clever girls at Ink & Spindle. They screenprint their own fabrics and have recently begun a range of children's wear called "Inklet" which I spied on their blog. There was also a little gifts purchased for myself at Sunday Morning Designs and Messagemark. If money was limitless I would have come home with a lot more! I will be looking forward to the next market and when I get the courage may even apply to have a stall myself.

Of course the loveliest gift of all was spending time with my family today and the handmade card from my little boy that he made with his Dad while I was out at the market.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers, grandmothers, great grandmothers, mother-in-laws, Godmothers, fairy Godmothers, all those who mother and all mothers who have walked before us. What a wonderful and important job you all do.