Safe in my Arms

I am just about to put this second print in my Etsy shop and I realised it is one I haven't shared before on my blog. This is one of the first little drawings I completed last year but it has been an idea in my sketchbook for much longer.

When my little boy (who is now 3 and a half) was a baby, he wasn't much of a sleeper and woke frequently at night. I read books about self settling and 'crying it out' but I chose to simply pick him up and cuddle him and watch his tears disappear and a look of contentment come across his face. I felt like a big strong tree and my arms were the branches. He was completely safe and happy in my arms.

And so I made a little sketch about this at the time which last year turned into this picture. The bars were for my baby's cot. The droplets for his tears. The flowers were ones we had passed on our walks together and I wondered if he dreamed about them. And the big tree on the side - that one is for me. Even as a big strong mummy tree, I also feel the need to be protected and safe. Perhaps that is Daddy tree!....
Master T sleeps soundly now at night. This print is for my friends with little ones who are going through the sleepless nights. There is an end to it, so hang in there.