A Celebration of Diversity

Last night, I finally finished my first drawing for the year. I sat down for almost two hours straight just inking in the circles at the bottom which were the last part to go. These are just a couple of snaps from my phone camera so not the best images but a record of sorts.
A Celebration of Diversity is something that has been sitting in my sketch book for a long time. It celebrates the fact that we are all different and yet live and grow side by side and learn from each other. Sometimes we try to make people more like ourselves when in fact we should just appreciate and celebrate our differences. I think this one came to mind recently when I was shocked by some very narrow views of a person who was unable to continue a relationship because the other person was from a different culture. How sad, I thought. How much that person has missed out on.

I can only speak from my experience as an 'Australian' married to a Japanese. I have been asked a number of times if I think international marriages are difficult. My answer to that question is that all marriages or partnerships can be difficult at times but more importantly they can be wonderful. I think how much richer my life is that I can share it with another being regardless of nationality; a person who is kind, warm, generous and loving. And how fantastic that I have been able to experience the beautiful culture that he is from and how that has influenced my life.

There are no doubt many differences between us all.
Let's celebrate that....