Bloom where you are planted!

I can't believe September snuck away from me so quickly and it is the 1st of October already. I managed to finish just one little drawing last month and although it wasn't what I had originally intended to submit for Cathy Nichol's Found Art Friday, it kind of related to her theme of "change" with the changing seasons upon us so I sent it anyway.

In actual fact this drawing is inspired by my friend Jacqui who is super-mum to two gorgeous boys and has an Etsy shop, selling very cute messenger bags, called Mee a Bee. The title of her blog is "Blooming in Japan" and so this is how I imagine Jacqui to be a beautiful blossoming tree by the sea in Osaka where she lives. I have never actually met Jacqui in person but since I follow her blog regularly and we have emailed eachother from time to time I feel as though I know her well and imagine that we will one day sit down over a cup of coffee and have quite a chat as though we have known eachother for years! I am always inspired by how much she achieves in a day; she is always busy with her boys but then will produce these fabulous bags at the end of the day when I am doing nothing more than flopping into bed or at best sitting down with a cup of tea and reading her blog.
So this is to remind us all to bloom where we are planted - and keep blooming so beautifully in Nihon Jacqui.