Everything Blooming

I am a big fan of Cathy Nichols art. I guess I am attracted to her wonderful use of colour and inspired by the fact that she manages to produce new pieces weekly even though she also has two young children of her own to take care of. Anyway, I also follow her blog and on the last Friday of the month she encourages readers of her blog to participate in her 'Found Art Friday'. The idea behind this is to create an artwork around a theme that is created freely without too much planning. It is not a way I usually like to work as I am one to sketch and doodle away making small changes to a design before I begin on the final piece. But having so little time these days for such luxury I decided to participate in last month's theme, 'everything blooming' and the results you can see above. Okay it is hardly Klee or Picasso but I think the important thing is that it was a start. Hopefully I can keep the scissors and paper out and find the time and energy to participate in next months found art friday too and improve upon this one!