The Family Treehouse

I spent Sunday morning reliving my childhood memories with my 2 year old as we played with the Family Treehouse. It was probably one of my favourite toys as a child and my mum has lovingly stored it for me over the years just waiting for a time when it might be enjoyed again.
Essentially it is a doll's house in the shape of a tree but the features would have to be the wind up and down lift, the outdoor swing and the car that holds the whole family and even the dog in the centre if you squash it inbetween.

I think I am having just as much fun as my little one as we arrange the furniture and put the little people up and down the elevator. I am loving the Miffy-like interior but am not sure about the mum dressed in an apron and the dad in a business suit - it is a toy of the 1970's so definitely a reference to that era.

It is nice to be able to take the time to play and go back to a time in my life where imagination was everything and to see the wonder and enjoyment of my own child at play.