Back to Work!

Well, my littlest poppet is 6 months already. How time just passes so quickly! And while I blog in my head all the time its been 2 months since I have put letters to keyboard so to speak. If only there was a direct download cable available from my head to the computer. I guess there will be one day.

So the question amongst fellow playground and playgroup Mums is not, "Will you return to work?" but "WHEN will you return to work?" We are the mums who as children believed we could grow up to be and do anything and everything and now we are trying to prove it. Somehow it seems we not only have to be good little homemakers but have the other "real" job -ie the one that pays money! Someone asked me recently if I was working or JUST a stay-at-home mum. I know they didn't really mean it that way but there is sometimes this feeling that it is not enough to be doing the best job you can to raise your children to be the best that they can be.

My little ones are growing so quickly and I am trying to enjoy every moment with them. So I am choosing to work only in their nap time or at the end of the day when they are fast asleep. The last few weeks I have tried to make a bigger effort to spend some time on my Etsy shop in the evenings. It's not easy! When you have been up since 5.30am sometimes and are not likely to get any uninterrupted sleep anytime soon I am often tempted to go to sleep at the same time as my 2 year old.

But I love working on my Etsy shop and I will keep on trying to capture all the minutes I can in a day to keep doing that! I'm definitely moving at snail's pace but I am back at work!