7 More Nights on a Futon!

I must have been young when I first came to Japan. The idea of sleeping on a futon seemed novel and somewhat exciting at the time. I saw the space saving benefits of being able to fold up the futon in the morning and use the whole room during the day. Apart from maybe the first night I seem to recall it being quite a comfortable sleep option which lasted about four years.

Now our lovely mattress has been packed and shipped off to Oz I find myself back on a futon once again for a few weeks. I used to look forward to bed time but now I find myself counting down the number of sleeps left before I will be back on a bed again! I guess being 6 and a half months pregnant is not helping the issue but my back is killing me and I wake up constantly to roll over and relieve the pain of my bones on the hard floor!

I realise how spoiled I am and I guess the experience will make me appreciate our lovely mattress even more when we eventually get to see it again. I'm sure the next week will be a blurr anyway and a night on an airplane will probably have me wishing for the futon again!