Life is Fragile

About a week before Christmas, I ordered this print for a special someone from an Etsy shop I had marked as a favorite for a while, MundoGominola. I knew it would not arrive before the 25th but I didn't mind waiting and giving it as a belated gift. So sadly, however, i was informed by the artist's friend soon after Christmas that Claudia Moya - the wonderful illustrator of these drawings - had suddenly passed away. It came as quite a shock. Even though I had never met Claudia, shopping on Etsy is always a personalized experience that connects you directly with the maker and it feels like you are buying from your friends.
A couple of weeks ago I was really moved to receive this print in the post. It really felt as though it had been sent from heaven rather than Spain. I'm not sure if Claudia had sent it herself before she passed away or if her friends and family did it for her but I am truly appreciative to have it and will treasure it knowing how special it is. It will be a reminder of how fragile and precious life is and how we should remember to embrace the ones we love. Claudia was a young illustrator in Madrid who died too early but it seems in her short life she was using her talents and sharing them with the world - an inspiration for us all. Claudia's shop is of course closed for sales now but you can still visit to see her past sold works and link to a lovely tribute from her friend.

Thank you Claudia. I am sure you are happily drawing in the sky. Your art will live on and bring happiness to all those who see it.