The Beginning.

I feel like my life started on a bus. I mean of course it started much, much earlier but it was one bus journey that felt like the beginning of really starting to live life. I was working for a jeweller in a department store in Adelaide and each day i would catch the same bus to work. It was a 40 minute journey so I had lots of time to stare out the window and contemplate my future.
One year earlier, I had cut out a job advertisement from the newspaper for a job in Japan. I kept it in my diary for a whole year. It was just an idea, just a dream. But I didn't know if I could really do it. But one day, the day my life began, I was on that bus and something just hit me on the head. Not literally of course but the realization came to me that I could do it - that i would do it. And from that point on I didn't look back. Life had begun!

It's been almost 8 years now since I first came to Japan. How my life has changed during that time. Like many foreigners who live here I taught English when I first arrived with the intention of staying a year, travelling and happily returning home with some lovely souvenirs. never did I imagine i would meet my husband here and begin my own little business making jewellery. I studied jewellery design at university but would never have believed i would be selling my work in a department store in Tokyo - of course i could never have done it without the help of my husband! We now have a gorgeous little boy together and another little one on the way. The journey has been a wonderful one so far and the next chapter is about to unfold as we make the move from Nagoya to Adelaide and continue to live...