A beginning and an ending.

Well, it's official. I am not a blogger. But with the New Year always comes hope of change and maybe instead of reading everyone else's blogs I may find the time to write something too. It is already past mid January now which is about the time I start to realize that the year has already begun and is running away without me again. If I hurry now i maybe able to just jump on board.

There are always endless lists of excuses that I can come up with. First it was the birth of baby 1 that sent me away from my blog for over a year and now we are happily expecting baby 2! And amongst all of this my time in Japan is coming to an end as we will move to Australia in March. it has been almost 8 years since I first came to Japan and although we have always planned to live in Australia, there is always a sadness that comes with anything good thing that ends.

So I will try not to focus on the ending but thing of it as a beginning.